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Thank you for registering for your first class with Aircat Aerial Arts 
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Thank-you so much for your registration for Aircat Aerial Arts Classes Please read the following and print and fill out the Liability and registration forms on this page.

Below you will find 2 forms to fill out and bring with you for aerial classes. #2 is ONLINE ONLY!

We also have the forms at the Boulder Circus Center, so please arrive :15 early if you choose to fill them out when you get there. The forms, #1 & #3, MUST be printed in Black ink, on plain white paper, full size, signed with blue or black ink. Any variations will NOT be accepted.

# 1 and # 2 ARE DIFFERENT!  I PROMISE! PLEASE READ READ READ THEM!!! #1 & #3 are for Aircat, #2 for the Boulder Circus Center!

  1. 1.Aircat2019Release.pdf

2. Boulder Circus Center is now online. Go to

fill out, sign & submit.

OR go to then go to “Waiver”

3. 2019 AIRCAT LLC Photo Release_Emerg.pdf

Please DO NOT wear:

perfume, cologne, heavy scented lotions

zippers, snaps, anything metal - it can tear the fabric!!

jewelry (if you must keep on a wedding ring, we ask that you put athletic tape on it if it has any sharp edges. Smooth wedding bands are ok.)

Please DO NOT TAKE any mind or mood altering substances before coming to class:

This includes but not limited to:

marijuana, pot, weed, inhaled or edible


recreational drugs

some pharmacuetical drugs

You will not be allowed to participate if you are or appear to be drunk or high or emotionally unstable.

Please DO WEAR &/or bring with you:

closed water bottle

t-shirt that covers your armpits

yoga or other workout pants that cover your knees (no shorts please)

top that you won't "fall out of" when going up side down!

For Aerial Yoga Classes:

You do not need to bring a yoga mat at this time.

Please arrive at your published class time. We allow :10 to set up, choose your hammock and set the height. Once class starts, the doors are closed and late-comers are NOT allowed in! Class is 75 minutes long within the 90 minute time frame, allowing for set up in the beginning and clean up at the end.

If you cannot attend the class you registered for, please email me so I can put you in to another class time.

For additional information on aerial yoga, please visit our FAQ page:

For Fabric, hoop, trapeze, and workshops:

Please arrive so that we may start the class ON TIME. There is a lot of information that is covered at the beginning of your first class!

Full class session fees are NON-REFUNDABLE. When you register for a class, we agree to provide a qualified instructor, facility, equipment and insurance.


If this is your first time to the Boulder Circus Center, 4747 N 26th ST Boulder, CO 80301, please click here for map & directions, and allow extra time to find it. Boulder Circus Center, 4747 N 26th St, Boulder, CO.

The main entrance is on the South side of the building. Please remove your shoes & coats in the vestibule, enter the main lobby, and the studio is through the gray doors on your left. There are 2 single bathrooms in the lobby and one upstairs. You may bring your purse, valuables and water in the studio and put it against the wall. Aircat & the BCC are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

We look forward to flying with you!


Cathy and the Aircat Aerial Arts staff

Cathy Gauch, director 303-442-1288