Come and learn the Aerial Arts as taught by master instructor Cathy Gauch. She has over 28 years experience as an aerialist and has performed and taught throughout the US and overseas.

Class Descriptions of available AIRCAT AERIAL ARTS classes:

Email Cathy if you have questions about your level or need more information on course content.

Beginning fabric technique 1 & 2­ pulling taffy, basic strength exercises,

various foot locks, climbs and holds. We will explore the basics of aerial fabric. Part 2 will be a continuation of Part 1.

Dancing with Fabric 1 & 2­ using the fabric as a prop to dance with, staying mostly on the ground, improvisation with the fabric, moving in circles, swinging, spinning. For beginners, those with little strength, dancers of all levels from various dance disciplines, people new to fabric and wanting to explore aerial fabric dancing.

Advanced beginner fabric ­ must be able to climb to the top of the fabric and hold their weight upside down, we will work on basic level moves and tricks. For those who have had some aerial fabric before.

Fabric knot ­ skills, tricks and moves in a fabric knot, various ways to tie a knot, various ways in and out of it, sitting, standing, and upside down moves, transitions and short sequences of movements.

Fabric Hammock ­  we re-rig the fabric to form a hammock or sling, with the bottom of the hammock 4-5¹ off the ground. The hammock has it’s own unique set of skills being that you can easily sit or lay in the fabric with it spread out. Many skills from the fabric knot class will translate to the hammock.

Beginning Trapeze & Hoop 1 & 2 - learn the basics of low trapeze and hoop. Many of the skills translate to both apparatus. Learn ways of getting on and off the bar, poses under the bar, sitting on the bar and standing on the bar.

Injury prevention for Aerials ­ Core strengthening and shoulder exercises for maintaining healthy, strong shoulders for doing aerials. Please bring a yoga mat.

Strength and conditioning ­ Learn the core conditioning exercises that are vital to gaining the strength for aerial work.

    Cathy Gauch is the director and founder of Aircat Aerial Arts based in Boulder, CO. She has been an aerial performer and coach for over 26 years, coaching children and adults, beginners through professionals. She has performed in stage production shows, corporate events, tours, circus shows, and gala benefits, for companies including, SandCastle Guam, Cirque Le Masque, Cherry Creek Arts Festival, World Cup Skiing Opening Ceremonies, Bella Luna Circus, Cisco Systems, National Jewish Hospital, American Youth Circus Organization, the Aerial Dance Festival, and co-produced the highly successful aerial tango show AIResTANGO.

Teaching credits include, the International Aerial Dance Festival, Glenwood Spring Dance Festival, Aspen Recreation Department, Club Med Ixtapa, Tapestry Dance in Austin, Aspen & Carbondale Community Schools in Colorado. Her students have gone on to perform with Cirque du Soleil, Cirkus Smirkus, Ringling Brothers, The Circus McGurkus, Motley Crue, Devotchka, and numerous shows and corporate events around the world.

She has produced and directed aerial and circus shows for The Crystal Charity Ball in Dallas, Dallas Petroleum Club,  Hunter Douglas, Misys Healthcare Systems, Cherry Creek Arts Festival, and Cooper Mountain Arts Festival.

Awards include the prestigious Neodata Endowment in Dance, Aspen Dance Connection’s artistic excellence award,  and Westword’s Best Aerial Class.

She has been specializing in aerial fabric for 24 years and believes that people of all strength levels can enjoy dancing with aerial fabric. Her teaching method are safe and effective and she supports all levels of aerialists, from brand new beginners to professionals. She currently lives in Boulder, Colorado and coaches aerial arts at the Boulder Circus Center. More info at

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Aircat does not have any specialty workshops scheduled at this time.

If you are interested hosting a private workshop for you and your students in beautiful Boulder, Colorado, Please contact us and we can arrange private classes.

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Thursday March 2, 2017 6p-10p at Boulder Circus Center

Fee:  $80

Scholarships available: contact Cathy or Sven


Boulder Circus Center and Aircat Aerial Arts are thrilled to be hosting a Rigging for Aerialists workshop on March 2nd, 2017.


As an aerialist, your life depends on your rigging. Every Aerialist should have a basic understanding of rigging principles. Repeat, your life depends on this. All too often we show up to gigs and someone else is in charge of rigging. As a veteran circus artist, I can tell you I always, always, always check the rigging that I am going to be performing from. After all, it’s my body, my life, my career, and my joy on the line when I go into the air. The rigger doesn’t die if he got something wrong, I do.

Having said that, this workshop is of utmost importance to anyone who spends time in the air. As manager at the BCC, and director of Aircat Aerial Arts, we really want to continue to support the safety of everyone who trains at the BCC. So we are really happy to be helping this workshop happen.


Our instructor, Brett Copes of Fight of Flight Entertainment, is a top tier expert in the field. He has worked with Cirque du Soleil, Cavalia, and was head rigger on Marvel Universe Live, and Peter Pan 360 among many others.


This workshop will feature much of Brett’s Rigging 101 content such as: Common Dangers and Myths~Choosing Overhead Anchors~Equipment Preferences~Load & Lifting Limits, Your Tech Rides~Standards and Certifications~Rescue Plans.

We also feel it is really valuable to fully understand the forces involved in aerial arts so we will be setting up a load cell to take direct measurements of the forces generated during various aspects of aerial from slow movement to swinging to drops.

Your Questions will be Answered:

We want this workshop to be as meaningful as possible for the attendees so we will be collecting questions in advance to be addressed during the workshop. PLEASE post your questions on the FaceBook event page or email them to or


This workshop typically costs $100.

Because we feel it is so important for all aerialists to have a better understanding of rigging, we are subsidizing the cost of attendance.

Pre-Registration will be $70 by Feb 22.

Regular Registration will be $80 Feb 22 - March 2.

REGISTER HERE via paypal above.

We will also be offering Scholarship pricing for anyone who needs it. If you want to attend this workshop but don’t have the cash on hand, please talk to us, Sven or Cathy, so that we can help you attend. We really, really want you to be here for this!

More Information:

Feel free to post questions on the FaceBook event page or contact us directly.

Sven or Cathy

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For those attending Rigging Workshop March 2, 2017: print, fill out & bring with you Aircat release form:

  1. 1.030217 Rigging Event Release.doc

AND do the BCC online waiver

  1. 2.