Aircat Aerial Yoga
Fun, Flying, Fitness

All classes at Boulder Circus Center, 4747 N 26th St, Boulder, CO

Frequently Asked Questions

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New Students MUST attend first class of the session. If you miss the first class, then you either need to wait for the next session, or pay for a private lesson before the 2nd class meeting. Private lessons are $75/hour.


Fees for a class are for an entire 4 week session. There are no makeups or partial refunds if you cannot complete the course. Refunds are given if you cancel for the entire session 3 days before the session begins, AND your spot can be filled.

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What is Aircat Aerial Yoga?

Aircat Aerial Yoga is what happens when fitness and flying come together! Aircat Aerial

Yoga revitalizes the traditional “fitness class” experience by incorporating balance and stretching movements with the exhilarating strength and cardiovascular conditioning of aerial arts training.

How does it work?

Students are led through a movement program by instructors trained specifically in  Aircat Aerial Yoga. The program has been designed to build strength and flexibility while maintaining its key component: having fun! While the leading instructor leads the class through demonstration, the floor instructor is available to help students most effectively develop the movements. Through the use of hammocks, Aircat Aerial Yoga includes swinging, inversion and other aerial-based techniques that uniquely encourage conditioning of the mind, body and spirit.

I’m sorry, did you say “hammocks”?

That’s right: each student uses a fabric hammock to support and develop their movements throughout the class. Hammocks encourage broader variations and give assistance as needed throughout the movements; they also enable the essential element of Aircat Aerial Yoga: flying!

What should I expect?

Students will be led through a progression of movements designed to build muscle tone and flexibility while enjoying the use of the hammocks for support and assistance. The class includes inversion and swinging techniques, and the program is structured to accommodate all levels of students. Classes always end with a swinging “Savasana!” Peaceful, meditative, and nurturing. “The Best Part of the Class!”

What should I do to prepare for class? And bring to class?

  1. Please arrive early to set the height of your hammock with the teachers’ support and to do any necessary paperwork. Classes start on time and late arrivals will not be allowed to enter once the class has started.

• Arrive well-hydrated (water is allowed inside the Boulder Circus Center; other food and beverages are not)

• Bring a yoga mat or towel, especially for kneeling movements

• If you tend to perspire heavily, bring a hand towel or washcloth

  1. Eat lightly an hour or so before class; don’t come with a full stomach

Why Aircat Aerial Yoga (or, what’s this class going to give me that any other yoga class out there isn’t)?

The hammocks used in Aircat Aerial Yoga create a wealth of opportunities for all-over conditioning, improvement of muscle tone, and engagement of core muscles unparalleled by any ground-based activity. Swinging and inversion techniques further broaden those opportunities. Aircat Aerial Yoga encourages engagement, participation and fun while giving its students a fantastic workout, so the real question is, why not Aircat Aerial Yoga?

Who will benefit from Aircat Aerial Yoga?

Everyone can benefit from AAY! Students manage the resistance and level of challenge by simply shifting their hammock positioning throughout the class. Aircat Aerial Yoga offers its students a new way to experience fitness: a powerful workout combining strength, balance, flexibility and core training infused with the joyous element of flight!

Who should NOT do Aircat Aerial Yoga?   

Those with:

    Glaucoma or other pressure related issues                Traumatic brain injury

    Heart Disease or Heart Conditions of any kind          High or low blood pressure

    Pregnancy                                                                  Neck or spinal injuries



What are the benefits of Aircat Aerial Yoga?

Numerous studies have shown the benefits of inversion techniques, core strengthening and overall fitness promoted through complementary muscle system training. Aircat Aerial Yoga can give its students:

• Effective overall conditioning

• Deep core building and strengthening

• Safe, effective inversion movements

• Decompression of the spine

• Increased flexibility, balance and agility

• Healthy cardiovascular function

• Increased muscle tone

• Better spatial and sensorial awareness

• Flying for fitness!

What is your class pricing?
Classes and workshops are $20 for a single 75-90 minute class

When and where are classes held?
Please see our Aerial Yoga page for class times at the Boulder Circus Center.

Do I need to sign up for the same class every week?
Your registration saves you a hammock in the same class each week for four weeks. So if you sign up for 7:00pm classes on Tuesdays, you’ll come to the 7:00pm classes on Tuesday each week for four weeks. There’s no interchanging between classes.    


How do I sign up for classes?
We will have online registration when the classes are ready to go. For now, you can email us to get on our mailing list and be among the first to come & fly!

How do I pay for a class?
We will have registrations & payments on our website using Paypal, so you can pay be credit/debit card. We will also accept cash or checks at the class, but please arrive early to allow time to take care of the transaction.

What should I wear to class?

• yoga type clothes  • snug, but moveable clothing        • layered snug clothing

• your shirt must cover your armpits            • pants must cover the backs of the knees

• nearly as important to your aerial yoga experience is what you should NOT wear to class…

What should I not wear to class?

• jewelry of any kind: necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings (wedding rings are permitted if covered by athletic tape)

• clothing with zippers, snaps or buttons

• tank top t-shirts (unless layered under or over a shirt that covers the armpits)

• long or sharp fingernails

How difficult are aerial yoga classes?
Because we have a mixed-level student base, we teach to all levels. That said, some will find an aerial yoga class unaccommodating. The class can be especially grueling for those with a BMI of 25 or higher (calculate yours here).

That said, most students who are in good health with a moderate level of fitness will likely be delighted by the unique challenges and opportunities presented by the class.

Do I need prior yoga experience? Aerial experience? Is this a circus class?
While any prior experience in yoga or aerial arts can be helpful, it isn’t necessary to have any. The first fifteen minutes of each class will be spent helping beginners adjust and safely maneuver in their hammocks. Please arrive :10 early to adjust the height or your hammock with your instructor, and get familiar with the hammocks.

Aircat Aerial Yoga is not by any means a circus class. The class has been designed to give an all-over workout that diversifies the challenges of a traditional fitness class by adding the hammock for inversion, support and flying. While an altogether enthralling experience, Aircat Aerial Yoga is not a circus class.

How is AAY different from other group fitness classes? From yoga classes?

By training the muscles to respond fluidly to a series of challenging exercises designed to strengthen and tone the entire body, AAY provides its students with an effective all-around workout. The incorporation of the hammocks, while encouraging the development of students’ core strength and musculature, also adds the experience of flight…and most importantly, the element of FUN!

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