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100% Nylon “non-stretch” Available Colors

Dark Red

Royal Blue


Dark Aqua

Purple Jewel






**Please note colors are close representations but not exact. Actual color of fabric may vary.**


We Usually ship FEDEX Ground, Priority Mail available (continental US),

please email for larger orders.

•For orders outside the US, please include your full shipping address so we can determine the shipping costs. Sales tax applies in CO.

•For Hardware, please see below.

Please NOTE: Fabrics may fade from direct, indirect lighting & sun. TURQUOISE, Lemon Lime, Dark Aqua, Fuschia Fizz WILL FADE IN the Sun or strong direct, indirect lighting or heat! All fabrics & colors will eventually fade over time.

To place an order:

Please email us  with  your name & phone number & shipping address, desired color, 2nd choice color if your first choice color is out of stock, yardage (full yards only), and cut lengths and we will send you a  Quickbooks email invoice to pay by credit card, All cut fabrics are non-refundable.

Please see below for hardware.

To figure the yardage you need for regular aerial silks/fabric:

multiply your attachment point/ceiling height X (2), then divide by 3’ for yardage.


20’ ceiling X (2) = 40’ (of fabric) /3’ = 13.33yds. I suggest rounding up to 14 yards, rather than down to 13 yards, as you can always cut it if it’s too short, but you can’t make your fabric longer. That’s for your fabric to touch the ground. In this example, I would suggest adding 2 yards to have ample fabric for wrapping tricks and a “puddle” of fabric on the ground. We only sell to the nearest yard, not fraction of a yard.

For aerial yoga hammocks - please email me your ceiling or attachment point height and we can help determine the best length of fabric for your hammocks.

100% polyester knit, “super stretch” FABRIC

60" wide, machine washable

comes standard in red, white, or black, other colors occasionally available at additional cost

suggested for more advanced drops and falls

minimum order 15 yards

$15 per yard RED, WHITE, or BLACK plus tax &/or shipping

$16 per yard  Fuschia, purple, yellow, burgundy, cream, grey, blue

We usually don't stock the fabric and it is special order. Please allow 3 weeks for processing and delivery.

shipping via FEDEX ground, please inquire for larger orders. Sales tax applies in CO.

The color chart above is ONLY for the non-stretch fabric, NOT for the “super stretch” fabric.

ALL Cut fabrics are non-refundable.

Assembly of your Fabric for either Aerial Fabric or Aerial Yoga Hammock NOW Available!

$35 per Apparati Set up **does not include price of hardware**

We will attach the fabric to the rescue figure 8, or tie yoga hammock knots to your carabiners when you purchase the fabric and hardware from us for only $35. Please see hardware choices below.


37” - 38" - 39" - 40” OD (outside diameter), 3/4" hollow steel pipe,

350 pounds safe working load limit, 1000+ pounds breaking point

$350 for single point or double point

plus $50 shipping in the US. SHIPPING FEE to Australia and Europe is over $450 USD.

Please email for exact quote, sales tax applies in CO.

Hoop/lyra only, no ropes, hardware or wrapping. For hardware see above. More coming soon! If you don’t see what you need, please ask!

to order or for more information: email us. Please specify the inside diameter (ID) and Outside Diameter (OD). OD is 2” bigger than the ID.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. Expedited Shipping is not available on Hoops.

Hoops are non-refundable.


We accept check or money orders via snail mail, or we can send you a PayPal Email Invoice for credit & debit card purchases or credit cards over the phone.

Rescue Figure 8 with Ears  -


Rated strength: 10,116 lbs

rig your aerial fabric or silk directly to the figure 8. For video instructions on how to rig your fabric on to the Rescue figure 8, go here:

Petzl William Ball Auto Lock 3 stage auto-lock  Aluminum Carabiner   


Automatic locking ball gate, Simple to manipulate, Aluminum alloy

Rated strength: 5620 lbs, 24mm gate opening, Pear shape

smooth gate for use in aerial yoga hammock rigs

CMI Daisy Chain - Dark Gray

24” - $22

36” - $32

48” - $42

Strength: per pocket Loops: 3700lbs

End to End: 6000lbs

Material: 1in. tubular webbing

For use in adjusting the height of aerial yoga hammocks.

3” pockets for easy adjusting


Polyester Round Slings

used to wrap around a steel I-Beam or roof truss to attach your aerial equipment

load rating: rating: choke - 2100lbs, basket - 5200lbs, vertical - 2600 lbs  Caution: Slings are subject to cutting when lifting on load edges. Edges in contact with the sling must be padded with materials of sufficient thickness or strength to prevent damage to the sling. The sleeve is sewn around the cover of the Round Sling so that it can be positioned to the area where it is needed. The use of improper fittings and/or materials may result in severe personal injury or death.

2’ - $23

3’ - $25

4’ - $28

5’ - $30

Am Products

Auto Locking ‘D’ Steel Carabiner - Gold


Rated strength: 50kN body, 3600 lb gate

gate opening 1”

use for aerial fabric or aerial silk rigging


Polyester round sling wrapped around a steel I-beam, choke position. I-beam wrapped with carpet to protect the round sling from the sharp edges of the beam.

Kong Swivel - Aluminum, Blue/Black


Rated strength:

40kN (8992 pounds)

at a 10 to 1 ratio that makes the

Maximum working load: 899 pounds (4kN)

On ball bearings



Pink Poodle


Blue Storm

Baby Blue

Gorgeous Gold

Baby Yellow

Kelly Green

6’ -  $32

8’ -  $36

9’ - $38.50

10’ - $41

12’ - $54

Light Nude


Cut fabrics, hammock packages, hoops, and hoop cases are non-refundable.

Hardware including carabiners, figure 8’s swivels, round slings & rescue loops are returnable if in brand new unused condition only! A 15% re-stocking fee applies, maximum $400 allowable return.

Hot Poppy Pink

Fuschia Fizz

Silver Streak

Lemon Lime

CAUTION: Any activity involving motion or height creates the possibility of accidental injuries.  This equipment is intended for use only by properly trained and qualified participates under supervised conditions.  Use without proper supervision is dangerous and should not be undertaken or permitted.  Before using, know your own limitations and this equipment.  If in doubt, always consult a qualified instructor and/or rigger.  Avoid landing on head or neck as serious injuries may result.

Purple Knight

Orange Pizzaz

Yellow  Sunshine

Purple Jewel

Royal Blue

Christmas Red

Dark Aqua

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AERIAL FABRIC, Aerial Silk, Aerial Tissu

For Aerial Yoga Hammock Packages, click here.

100% Nylon, “non-stretch”

width 108” - 110”

aerial fabric/aerial silks, perfect for beginners and aerial yoga hammocks and aerial dance!

The fabric has been tested to a load rating of over 1500 lbs and meets all aerial equipment industry standards, machine washable

10 yard minimum order of ONE color

$11.50/yd, many colors available, see color chart to right.

$13.00 /yard if less than 10 yards in one color

ALL Cut fabrics are non-refundable.

Shipping is via Fedex Ground or USPS Priority Mail


6/8/18 Given issues with current supply chains, I cannot guarantee how long it will take to receive your order.

All Non-US orders under $150 will have an additional $20 fee added to cover money exchange fees.

To place an order:

please Email us

**Please note** that purchases do not include ceiling bolts or mount points. What you attach your aerial equipment to is your responsibility. As every ceiling and rigging situation is different, we cannot advise you on exactly how to attach your aerial equipment to your ceiling. You may need to consult with or hire a contractor, building or structural  engineer or qualified rigger. We do have slings that you can wrap around an open beam below.


Wisteria Bliss

Coral Melon


Copper Penny

Wild Indigo

Razzle Berry